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Nikolay Grishchenko

  • Web Applications Architect
  • Product Management
  • BI and Analysis

Location: Shoham, Israel


Tel: +972 54 399 5339

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WARNING. The CV below was not updated for a while.
Please read a brief and fresh copy in the PDF.


Years of IT management in Russian and international companies have created an ambitious leader open for great new projects. Inspiration and deep faith in the Vision are the minimum requirements  for me to start anything. You can read the timeline of my career milestones at the bottom while I believe that skills matter most. Therefore, the ordering of this CV might seem a bit uncommon.


I am looking forward to receiving a Job Offer from an international IT company with an office or Headquarters in Israel. Though I am open for business trips, I plan to stay home in Israel in the near future.



There is a generalized list of my professional skills in this section. You can be sure that I had practical experience with every of them during my career. I tried to use more certain and less general words while a list always stays a list.


Business analysis
  • Research

    • Business environment inspection

    • Datamining

    • CVP analysis

    • Workflow and processes audit

  • ​​Design

    • Strategic business modelling

    • Predictive planning​

    • IT product lifecycle strategy


Product managent
  • Requirements

    • Usecase exposure

    • Analysis

    • Task formulation for development

  • Development project management

    • Iterational results monitoring

    • Flexible workforce assignment

  • Marketing

    • Whitepaper and booklet design

    • Product presentation

    • Presale activities

IT Service Management
  • Operational management

    • Workforce control and planning

    • Conflict management

    • Teambuilding and inspiration

  • ITIL/ITSM applicable to real-life

    • Design of service workflows

    • Configuration and implementation of ITSM-friendly tools

  • Quality Assurance

    • SLA design and control

    • Customer feedback collection



Russian (native speaker)



Tech tags

Linux, LAMP, nginx, Chef, Zabbix, GitHub. 


AWS EC2, RDS, CodeDeploy.


Python 2, 3. PHP 4, 5.


MySQL, MS SQL Server, SQLite.


C++, C# .NET 4.5, Visual Basic .NET 3.5, VBA.


Microsoft Windows Server, Hyper-V, AD, TS, WSFC, SharePoint





Wordpress, Joomla, phpBB.


Neural Science.


This section is hard to compose because of multiple NDAs signed for employers so I will keep most business achievements for the interview (or for myself). I would better describe some other achievements.


I was fond of roller skating. In 2000 – 2001 I was considered among the best Russian rollers in side-surf exercises. In 2002 a very unpleasant car accident took me away from skating for several years. I still like both roller and ice skating as a hobby.


In the middle of 2000s I tried mountain hiking and still enjoy it. So far I have climbed:

  • 5,895m ― Mount Kilimajaro (Tanzania)

  • 5,445m ― Mount Kala Patthar (Nepal)

  • 5,150m ― Mount Everest Base Camp (Nepal)

  • 1,356m ― Mount Nothern Demerzhi (Crimea)

  • 1,234m ― Pass Ay-Petri (Crimea) 


2004 ― "Common ADSL problems and solutions" 

Training of helpdesk agents in telecom provider.

2006 ― "The concepts of shared hosting" 

Several public lectures for customers of hosting provider.

2008 ― "Contact Center Suite"

Three presentations in CallCenter World Forum 2008 Moscow.

2009 ― "Speech Attendant"

Product presentation (voice recognition) in Cisco Expo Moscow 2009

2010 ― "Introduction to networking"

Five lectures for sub-faculty of Computer Science students in MAMI


​2006 - 2012

"Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering "MAMI"

Masters degree “Power industry and electrical engineering”


​2000 - 2004

"First Moscow State Medical University "MMA"

Incomplete Education “Faculty of Preventive Medicine”


Other courses

2015 ― "Web Applications Architecture"

University of New Mexico. Coursera verified certificate with distinction.

2014 ― "An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python"

RICE University. Coursera verified certificate with distinction.

2014 ― "Learning How to Learn"

UC San Diego. Coursera verified certificate with distinction.

2013 ― "Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

20331B - Microsoft. Sofline.

2008 ― "Cisco Unified Communications"

Cisco Gold Partner training for UC product marketing

2006 ― "Tactics and Strategy of Contact Center Management"

Apexberg - Contact center consulting company


Career log

​2011 - 2014

Special Projects Manager

Project manager - Several business analysis projects for product cost optimization.
Business analyst - Internal audit of several workflows efficiency in RnD and Manufacturing (in cooperation with external audit company). Audit of IT service and infrastructure (resulting in becoming CIO).



Chief IT Manager of a huge manufacturing holding. Microsoft AD forest with 10+ domains, 50+ remote offices, 10,000+ domain users.



​2010 - 2011


Customer Services Director

Manager of Customer Service department in Cloud Computing (hosting) provider. The departments responsible for 24x7 help-desk service, deployment and administration of customer web-applications, customer code optimization for Cloud Computing.


In 2011 the company strategy changed with respect to one huge investor requirements so the current web-site does not really show the concept of "Oversun-Scalaxy" I worked for.



​2007 - 2009


Product Manager

CTI is one of the leading Russian systems integrators specializing in Telecommunications. There is a great RnD department developing software extensions for Cisco Unified Communications. I worked as a Product Manager taking responsibility for development guidelines and marketing.



​2005 - 2007


.masterhost - was the leading provider of shared hosting in Russia in 2005 and is remaining the one until now. This company was my launcher to the real business and I still have the best relations with its management and employees.


Call center manager

There was no contact center in 2005. I have designed the whole department from "zero" point resulting in a 24x7 service with about 15 employees serving up to 1,000 calls per day. Call center agents were as well doing a lot of back-end office work with hosting customers.


Tech support manager

When the call center grew very powerful, I was offered a position to manage the rest of Tech Support as well. There were about 30 employees covering the entire customer <-> provider interaction with the exception of sales and billing.


Project manager

The last couple of months in .masterhost I was managing several projects for new hosting products and services:

  • Online e-shop for domain names and hosting

  • New VPS platforms

  • CMS Software rent

  • Infrastructure projects


My grandpa used to tell me:

"Never seek for money. Just do the right job and the money will find you itself".

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