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My projects

I have never intended to work neither as a designer, nor as a programmer, not as any like that. This page is not a portfolio just a list of some hobby-projects. I never intended to maintain any of them for a long time so most ones are just frozen at the last available state.

Flashcards (or flash-cards, or flash cards) is a very effective learning tool. When I started learning Hebrew I found out that there is nothing like that to satisfy my expectations for language flashcards so I decided to create them by myself.


The application is developed in PHP and uses phpBB3 template-engine and user management. There was also an idea to make a community forum for Ulpan students but I did not get far that way. The database now contains about 1,000 Hebrew words and about 15,000 of other records (attempts, links etc.) excluding logs and debug information.


Both design concepts and details are described in Russian on the forum.

I have many other ideas to make flashcards better (and rewrite using some modern non-PHP framework).

In 2006 there appeared a Flash animation of one Japanese Anime cartoon covered with a song "Ievan Polka" of some Finnish folk-band "Loituma". The animation together with the song grew very popular in Russian internet and there very many remixes, pictures and so on published.


I was lucky to register the correct domain names and a primitive homepage was created within a week or so. During 2006 there was 50,000 - 300,000 unique visitors and up to 1TB data downloaded per month. This is a phenomenon of "passive" traffic because I was never maintaining the project after that first couple of weeks. 


Later the "Polka" became less popular with almost no visitors now but I still hope that a new generation of kids will get ready to listen soon. :)

There is no connection of the project name and the content. I was going to think of such connection "later", but the "later" never happened. So this is just a short and nice domain name. The one could guess that it was registered with "Ievan Polka" in mind...


I designed this web-site in the old times of DVD-disks being popular. This is an instrument for managing home libraries of DVDs with an option to share disks with neighbours and friends. This would also help keeping track of lended disks.


Fortunately, the era of DVD (and other disks) was finished sooner than I got this project become popular. I kept it for some more time to write my own reviews for movies watched. 

One more thing...

There is always one more thing... S.J. (c)


As long as web development is my great hobby since I was a kid there is a lot of staff I could show. Some designed and programmed better, some worse. If you have reviewed the upper projects you can be sure: I am not a developer and never intended to become a one so far. A one could say: "Why would you publish all that shit then?"


Well, this is a personal home page and the main idea is to publish one's "little secrets". I am an extrovert and like to share my excitement for the many things I experience in my life. Use the same explanation if you get shocked with some of my blog posts, especially old ones, especially in Russian, especially in LiveJournal.

Cher – fanclub


I was a great fan of Cherilyn Sarkisian La'Pier (better known as Cher) when I was a kid, so I published a Russian fan page with a list of almost all of her works. There was plain HTML with one JS tool we call a “widget” now. It was a constructor to model personal CD’s. It should be cool that anyone could make a Personal Favorites album. Later I heard about copyrights and all that stuff. :)

Unfortunately the source code is lost

“Finance and Credit” sub-faculty of MGIMO University


I have helped my friends to receive a slight bonus during the first year in their university education. The university was reorganized so the web site was closed. There was plain HTML with some Flash interface objects.

The site is offline but I have local copies of the source code

“Philosophy and Political Science” sub-faculty of MMA University


I have received a slight bonus during the second year in my first university. The University portal was reorganized so the web site was closed. There was plain HTML with some Flash interface objects.

The site is offline but I have local copies of the source code

TST – MTU-Intel Helpdesk portal


During my first fulltime employment as a call center operator for telecom provider, I became a trainer after a couple months. Shortly after, I developed an intranet knowledge base with plenty of manuals, diagnostic tools and semi-automated algorithms for operators. Call center staff used that intranet site for several years after I resigned.

Source code was a property of MTU-Intel Ltd. – version 1


The first version of my personal homepage was created using Mambo CMS with a couple add-ons. It worked well for many years even after Mambo CMS was out of support. In early 2014 the CMS collapsed and I decided to move some most valuable content to Wix.

Source code is saved locally but it will take some time to run the site. - .masterhost call center intranet portal


There was almost no intranet in 2005 when I started working for this amazing hosting provider. The knowledge base was first created using Mambo CMS, but there we MANY add-ons developed by me later. I think that during 2005-2007 I have wrote about a half of all my code in PHP.

Source code was a property of .masterhost Ltd.

Asterisk PBX analyzer


We used Asterisk PBX for call center and all the local telephony in .masterhost. There were no good tools to analyze logs of Asterisk, so I have developed a monstrous analyzer by myself. Bash -> MySQL -> PHP. There were also some tools to manage Asterisk as well (IVR management, Callback order, new agents registration, etc.)

Source code was a property of .masterhost Ltd.

More in .masterhost


I have created a huge bunch of tools for .masterhost. Some are: video cameras screenshot search and playback, agent timetable auto generation, customer blacklist, agent activity analyzers, etc. It might seem I was inventing bicycles, but remember we are talking about 8-10 years to the past.

Source code was a property of .masterhost Ltd.

Another dozen of web sites


I was freelancing a little as a systems administrator and “the guy” who implements web sites to hosting. I have worked with (Wordpress, Bitrix, Mambo, Joomla, vBulletin, phpBB and many other CMS and web applications). These were not my projects.

Source codes are/were properties of customers


This site is a little different because I set it up (Coppermine Photo Gallery + Wordpress) for my classmate who is fond of photography and I still maintain it from time to time when some software updates come available.

Web site is running

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