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Professional standards

I am not sure I should write this post in English as far as I am neither HR nor Law specialist and the language is not my native. Still I have a personal opinion on the petty intrigues in Russian mass media and social networks about the draft law describing professional standards.

The law is intended to regulate the standard requirements for several professions. As far as they say these should only be applicable:

  • for SOME important professions;

  • for state institutions (in the first stage).

The alarmists panic that this law would infringe upon the rights of a huge amount of current employees. It is quite popular to quote one louse online recruitment market that there are currently about 55% of job-offers with a mismatch of the trained profession of the candidate and the vacancy real requirements. They say that the new law would oppress all these 55%... What the Fuck? This situation sucks and the government MUST regulate it. HR market self-regulation does not currently work in Russia otherwise how do we get these 55%.

I hope that you have no doubt about the necessity of standard requirements for example for your family doctor. It does not really matter if this is a state or private clinic. Same for the driver of your daily train or electrical fitter in your apartment building. You are sure that these gentlemen were trained and qualified for this. Why the hell do you think that a clerk in an office should start working without certification.

Please be aware that I am not the guy to shower praise upon “Putin and Co”. I showed my opinion when emigrated. Still it hurts me to see some of my friends “Like” and “Share” posts with idiotic panic about this draft law. I am sure none of them has ever caught a glimpse of this real document.

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